What are living memory keepsakes and why do they make the perfect personal present?

Memory keepsakes are somewhat a speciality of mine and whilst running Handmade By Kirsty Louise over the last 4 years, I have made hundreds of memory keepsakes which are now treasured by people up and down the UK as well as internationally. I make these memory keepsakes by hand using sentimental pieces of clothing including babygrows, children's clothes, adult clothes and uniforms. Memory keepsakes can vary in shape and range from bunting to lions and our most popular keepsake, elephants.


What are living memory keepsakes?

There tend to be two main reasons why people would like sentimental clothing to be transformed into a keepsake. The first reason is to treasure the clothing and memories of a loved one who has passed, with the memory keepsake providing a precious source of comfort. The second reason is to transform sentimental clothing into a living memory keepsake, to capture your memories of a period of time. Instead of having boxes of old clothes that you can’t bear to part with filling up your loft, you have a usable keepsake that you can treasure forever. Living memory keepsakes really are the perfect personal present.

Examples of living memory keepsake presents:

  • A keepsake made from your favourite outfits that your baby wore as a newborn can be gifted for Mother’s Day or for the baby’s first birthday.
  • A student nurse tunic keepsake could be gifted to a newly qualified nurse.
  • School uniform keepsakes are the perfect present for school leavers.
  • Military uniforms can be used to create keepsakes to celebrate time served in the armed forces.
  • Your wedding dress could be made into a keepsake and gifted to your partner as an anniversary present.
  • Childhood clothes could be made into a keepsake for an 18th Birthday present.
Living keepsakes - uniforms

Why do living memory keepsakes make the perfect personal present?

A living memory keepsake does exactly what it says on the tin, it brings to life the memories of your loved ones. Living memory keepsakes can therefore also be the perfect sentimental present for a loved one who is navigating a challenging time…

“Kirsty crafted an incredible handmade living memory bear for my Mum who is battling cancer and needing to undergo hospital treatment daily. 

Using old clothing from every family member Kirsty put together a lion that my Mum can use to really comfort her when we all can’t be with her. 

It is an incredible idea for anyone who is having to undergo hospital treatment or maybe someone suffering dementia. 

If you have a loved one that can’t see you every day it needs reminding that you are there for them - get Kirsty to make you one of her memory keepsakes. You won’t regret it” Pamela Rae-Welsh, Worsley Creative Services.

Lion living memory gift

Encapsulating memories with living keepsake gifts

Not only do living keepsakes provide us with memories, but they can also commemorate a milestone or be a source of comfort during challenging times. Living memory keepsakes truly are the perfect personal present that can be cherished forever.


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