What type of fabric or clothing can I have a keepsake made from?

Have you ever wondered what type of clothing will work for a memory keepsake? You are definitely not alone as it's a question that I'm often asked.

Is it only babygrows and shirts that will work or can I include other sentimental items of clothing? The answer is simple - any fabric based clothing or accessories will work perfectly!

Some of the things I've included previously are knitted items, baby sleeping bags, coats, bags, hats, swimwear, lace, socks, jumpers, dressing gowns, wedding dresses, denim, headbands, blankets, hoodies, dressing up outfits, comforters, polo shirts, uniforms and lots more too.

Can you spot any of these items within the keepsakes shown in the photos?  




What items other than babygrows or shirts do you have that would work perfectly on a clothing keepsake?

If you do have any pieces and you are unsure if they are suitable then just send me a message, I'm usually able to include them.

These memory keepsakes that I create really can capture all of those special and sentimental items of clothing for you, there's no reason to feel restricted on what can be used.

The hardest part now is deciding on the style that you will order.

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