How do you select clothing for your babies keepsake?

When it comes to creating the perfect keepsake, how do you know the right or wrong items to choose?
The answer simply is there is no right or wrong items to choose, make a selection of some of your favourite items or items that have a special memory such as a family keepsake, wedding dress, coming home outfit, first Christmas or birthday, a item a family member has made or brought that holds significant value to you.
Your keepsake will always be a personal experience for you, and what makes it incredible as your creation once it comes to life holds so many memories that aren’t just special but a story to tell for a lifetime.
With such a wide variety of styles to choose from depends on how many items of clothing you will need, personally I found choosing extra items easier so then they could be narrowed down, depending on their size and the style of design you go for depends on the size or shape needed to bring it to life.
When choosing the clothing to create my keepsake I used a mixture of baby vests, hats, grows and comforters. I chose items with bold logos or writing that would stand out and items that I had from favourite photos, and a mixture of colours so it didn’t all merge into one colour and it could have a mixed collage of keepsakes.
 First off I would recommend choosing what style of keepsake you wanted from animals, pillows, quilts and more the size will differ to how many items you will need for them to be created.
If there is anything you are unsure of or needing advice Kirsty will happily help you and give her honest recommendation to what will and will not work.
Remember your keepsake will always be unique to you and one will never be the same, and that's what truly makes it so special to you or whoever you are gifting to.
Our first keepsake Kirsty created was for our second daughter and most things we had were given or bought second hand, so even though they weren’t brand new they still held significant value for our own personal memories of our daughter in her firsts in them or of a special moment or occasion.
Sometimes creations outside the box of items you didn’t think would work together are the ones that work the best, I am honoured to have keepsakes that hold so many memories of all three of my babies and its our personal story that will forever be cherished for them to have and look back on once they are older and grown up, and maybe one day do the same for their own family.
Keep the keepsakes and pick a bunch of items, the rest Kirsty can take care of and make your vision and her creation come to life, believe me when I say trust the process because the end results are absolutely incredible, and something I will forever love and cherish.
Written by Stacey Purnell
Instagram - @_staceylouxo

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