What clothing can I use for a baby clothes keepsake?

When you’re having keepsakes made from baby clothes you may think that you can only include babygrows. Here at Handmade by Kirsty Louise I’m able to include most fabric items within your baby clothes keepsake, whether you’re ordering an animal, cushion or quilt.

These are some of the fabrics and items that work perfectly.


Knitted clothing;

I’m regularly asked if knitted items can be included and the answer is 100% yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lightweight and fine piece of knitwear, or a chunky knitted piece of clothing. I can incorporate these within your keepsake.



Do have have swimsuits from your little ones very first holiday or swimming lesson? These work beautifully within any of the keepsakes and add such a different look and texture to a more traditional babygrow.



Who has a huge pile of newborn hats? These are such a lovely item to include within your keepsakes. They can be added on top of the patchwork layer of the quilts, or even cut and used within an animal keepsake.



Something that I bet most people have used in the first few months of your babies lives so why wouldn’t you want to include them on a special keepsake. They hold just as many memories as a piece of clothing.



These are slightly harder to include on styles other than quilts however it has been done before. Elephant tails and dachshund legs are some of the places I’ve managed to include tiny little baby socks. They also look so cute sewn on top of the patchwork quilts.



How many bibs did you go through with your children? Definitely a well used item that you can remember very clearly. Again, these can be included across any of the keepsakes in the whole range.


Dungarees and sets;

If you have looked at some of the quilts I’ve made previously you will see that I’ve managed to keep the look of dungarees within some of the squares and I love to do this. Do you also have sets where you want two items keeping together? This also works perfectly too.


Leggings, joggers and trousers;

Some people think these will be too small to include within a keepsake however definitely send these within your other items. These are actually some of my favourite items to work with as they are so different to T-shirts and babygrows.


Don’t forget about comforters, booties, first blanket’s, mittens and all of the other fabric based items you relied on when having a newborn and baby.


What type of clothing will you be selecting to use on your very own memory keepsake?

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